Gemini Syndrome: Memento Mori

Latest album cover art for my project with Gemini Syndrome & Sony Music Entertainment. We have a stack of art to release for this project, keep an eye on ParableVisions.com and follow on Instagram & Facebook for some great behind the scenes content.

Gemini Syndrome Memento Mori

“On August 19, Gemini Syndrome will unleash Memento Mori, the highly anticipated second album in their Trilogy. Their sophomore effort fulfills every wanton need fans have come to expect from the alternative metal mavens, while introducing a parallel universe of twists, turns and musical convocations. This is next level stuff – open your mind and prepare for the trip…

This time Gemini Syndrome, together with Another Century and PledgeMusic are offering exclusive merchandise, bundles, and autographed items. For anybody who orders here, you will receive an instant download of the new track ‘Anonymous’ plus content like behind the scenes footage, clips from the studio, and a look behind the mystique of Gemini Syndrome. As other songs are released prior to the August 19th street date, Pledgers will also receive instant downloads for those tracks.

Produced by Kane and Kevin Churko, Memento Mori has 12 tracks with 3 musical interludes. Each of the 12 songs is accompanied with its own collectable Syncard. These are tarot-like cards feature the visionary artwork created by Cameron Gray.”

Check out the Pre-Order bundles & Special Edition Packages at PledgeMusic.com/projects/geminisyndrome

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