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Short Film: The Looking Planet

The Looking Planet Film

A few years ago I was fortunate to collaborate on a short film with producer Eric Anderson to provide visuals and art to help create his vision for The Looking Planet. I’m super proud of what the team was able to create, The Looking Planet has picked up 45 film awards worldwide since release including Best Short Film, Best Animated Film, Best Visual Effects and more.

The film can be viewed in HD at Vimeo.com/148316055 (I recommend watching with headphones or surround speakers)



Watch The Looking Planet Online

Exhibition: Astral Harvest Festival

I’ll be exhibiting some pieces alongside my artist family in the Synestellar Art Gallery again at this years Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival in Alberta, Canada.
The festival goes from June 30 – July 3, 2016

Big thanks to my good friend Simon Haiduk for curating another great show.

Looking forward to taking part for another year!

Astral Harvest Cameron Gray Exhibition

Festival Tickets: Astralharvest.com/tickets/
Artwork: Gratitude For The Earth And Sky ParableVisions.com/gratitude-for-the-earth-and-sky/

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Fan Tattoo And Gratitude Note

I love seeing fan pics of my artwork as tattoos, this beautiful compilation of my pieces was inked by the amazing Johnny Berrios at AscensionTattoo.com/artist-profile/johnny/
I am lost for words when I see such beautiful tattoos of my art, it is truly alive once it’s on another persons body. To carry a piece of my art along your journey through life brings a gratitude from me that I simply can’t express with words. I wish I could hug everyone who enjoys what I do.

Peace x
– Cameron

More Parable Visions tattoos at ParableVisions.com/Tattoos


Gratitude Note

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy beginning to 2016, full of growth, learning, love and great experiences.
Make it a great one
Blessings x
Cameron Gray Surreal Artwork For Sale
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RaveNectar Yoga Mat Collabortations

Really humbled and excited to be a part of this great collaboration with my fellow artistic brothers and sisters on these yoga mats.

Check out the KickStarter page at www.kickstarter.com/projects/lejuwaan/ravenectar-yoga-mats

Peace Xx

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Fusion Physical Medicine

Fusion Physical Medicine in San Diego recently acquired a collection of Parable Visions artworks to decorate their medical center. The facility treats people that have been involved in traumatic injuries and accidents, such as severe motor vehicle accidents and people that have been struck by vehicles. I’ve received some beautiful messages from the center and am humbled to be able to provide them with some artwork.

Peace x

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New Fan Tattoo

This new fan tattoo of my art was sent in by Max Santoro, many thanks also to tattooist Sean Eckenroth for the great job of reproducing my art in ink, I love the tattoo guys thank you for sharing with me!
Check out more Parable Visions tattoos on the Tattoos page.

Peace X

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Visionary Art Tattoos

New Leggings Now Available

Our latest exclusive full print leggings & yoga pants of Gratitude For The Earth And Sky are now available from RageOn Clothing. Check them out below and visit the store for the full range of exclusive & special edition clothing.

Peace Xx

Visionary Art Leggings Yoga Pants


Alechemistas Vol.2 Visionary Art Book

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to be featured in the first Alchemistas Visionary Art book alongside many of my friends and colleagues practicing in the visionary arts. This year I’ve been asked by the publisher to provide the cover for Alcemistas Volume 2. The first book was brilliant and I still have it on display in my studio. Volume 2 currently has an IndieGogo campaign for pre-order bundles at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alchemistas-volume-2-visionary-art-book

Peace x

Alchemistas volume 2 visionary art books

Rage On Clothing Cyber Monday Codes

Rage On Clothing have some limited Cyber Monday codes available which includes all Parable Visions items. Grab a code below and get some great deals while they’re still available!

Peace Xx

Cameron Gray_Cyber Monday

Gratitude For The Earth And Sky