“ARIA nominated Australian artist Cameron Gray creates scenes of the human potential. His works portray a peek through the veil, asking us how we can be greater, live fuller and love deeper. From celestial visions to cosmic animations, Cameron is certainly a frontrunner in the digital art revolution. And with timing so divine, Cameron weaves together the dualistic aspects of light and dark, bringing them once again into a state of oneness.” – SolPurpose Visionary Artists Collective

Cameron Gray lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Known primarily as a visionary graphic artist, Cameron has qualifications in Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia Design, and Contemporary Arts, as well as a keen interest in new media, sculpture, jewellery making, painting, experimental video and sound design.

His influences and admirations include Troy Ruffels, David Ho, Ryan Larkin, Bill Viola, Ash Sivils, Janelle McKain, Simon Haiduk, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, Justin Totemical, Android Jones and Pieter Bruegel to name a small selection.

In 2002, with little more than a curiosity for image making Cameron won the AGFA Australia award for best body of photography with his work at Launceston College. In 2003 his works were exhibited in Art Rage and published by the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and in 2005 Cameron was accepted into the guest gallery of the Museum Of Computer Art in New York.

At the age of 21, Cameron published his first book of artwork (Parable Visions; the art of Cameron Gray) and to date has published four more books and collaborated with a range of international magazines, authors, musicians, film studios and independent publishers. 

In 2009 Cameron graduated from the Academy of the Arts, Tasmania, with a Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Art and was inducted as a life member into the Golden Key International Honour Society, for finishing in the top 15% of his studies at the University of Tasmania.


In 2010 Cameron was nominated for an ARIA Award (Australian Record Industry Association) along side Australian artists Birds of Tokyo, Angus & Julia Stone, Blue Juice, and Tame Impala in the category for Best Album Cover Art of the year for his work with Australian rock band Dead Letter Circus and Warner Music Australia.

Some selected collaborations include: Warner Music Australia, Warner Bros. Records USA, Sony Music Entertainment, Another Century Records, New Dawn Magazine, UNFD Records Australia, Sumerian Records USA, AudioPorn Records UK, Nuclear Blast Records Europe, Prosthetic Records, Good Fight Entertainment, Meytal Cohen, Dead Letter Circus, Gemini Syndrome, Born of Osiris, Wintersun, Breaking Orbit, Modern Day Babylon, Baltimore Poet, COPIA, Xilent, Temple of Eden Gallery, Paradigm Shift, Sebastian Siegel (Actor/Producer), Eric Anderson (Director),  David W. Rainoshek, M.A. (Author), Within The Ruins, Katana Productions (animation), Abstrakt Pictures (animation, music video), Century, Deligma, Thematic, Alpha Centauri, Declan O’Shea (Cyclefly/Mako), Esoterica, Circle of Contempt, Ginger, Dyonisis, Mantris, Farebridge, Jasper Faolan, Swivelhead, My Kingdom Records, Arctic.

Cameron’s work is regularly displayed in live music & arts festivals across the globe, and his body of work has been selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia as one of the countries artists of the 21st century.

Exhibitions, Awards & Achievements

2022 “Twins” International Visionary Art Exhibition – Sommatino, Italy
2021 “Arte Visionaria Expo” – Espinho, Portugal
2021 “Debris” – Ostra Vetere, Italy
2020 “Visionaria” – Genoa, Italy
2018 “International Exhibition of Visionary Art” – Genoa, Italy
2018 “Astral Harvest Art & Music Festival” – Synestellar Art Gallery, Alberta Canada
2018 “OZORA” Tribal Gathering Festival” – Dadpuszta, Hungary
2017 “Mass Meditation Initiative Festival” – Disclosure Fest, Los Angeles, USA
2016 “Burning Man Visionary Music, Arts & Culture Festival” – Nevada, USA
2016 “Astral Harvest Art & Music Festival” – Synestellar Art Gallery, Alberta Canada
2014 “Shambhala Music & Arts Festival” Salmo, BC, Canada
2014 “Astral Harvest Art & Music Festival” – Synestellar Art Gallery, Alberta Canada
2014 “OZORA” Tribal Gathering Festival, Dadpuszta, Hungary
2013 “Shambhala Music & Arts Festival” Salmo, BC, Canada
2013 “Sanctuary Within” Temple of Eden Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, USA
2012 “Shambhala Music Festival” Group Exhibition, Salmo, BC, Canada
2012 “Oceanside Museum of Art” – Art After Dark Exhibition – California, USA
2011 “Museum of Digital Fine Art” Group Exhibition
2010 “ARIA Award Nomination” – Best Album Cover Art of the Year
2010 “Digital Dreams” Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2010 “Museum of Computer Art” Exhibition and Awards – Brooklyn, New York
2010 “Museum of Digital Arts” Featured Artist
2010 “Visionary Art Gallery” Featured Artist
2010 “The Surreal Arts Group” Avatar Contest 1st place
2009 “Artwork, Website and Publications” Archived by the National Library of Australia
2009 “Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Practices” University of Tasmania, Australia
2009 “Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Arts” Academy of the Arts, Tasmania, Australia
2009 “Golden Key International Honour Society” Life member
2008 “Museum of Computer Art International Digital Art Show” – Brooklyn, New York
2008 “Museum of Computer Art Awards 8”
2008 “Tasmanian Creative Arts Students Summer Exhibition”
2008 “Wrest Point Art Awards & Exhibition”
2007 “Photoshop Creative Contest” Runner Up
2007 “Impress SnowDog” RedBubble Contest
2007 “Collage” Powerhouse Gallery
2007 “2-3-D-6” Energy Gallery
2007 “Museum Of Computer Art Awards 7”
2006 “2-d-2” Energy Gallery
2006 “Museum Of Computer Art Awards 6”
2005 “Museum Of Computer Art Guest Gallery”
2005 “Urban Sustainability: Frame Your City” Taking It Global
2004 “Intersections” Taking It Global
2003 Art Rage
2002 AGFA Australia Award
2002 Launceston College Student Exhibition

The Looking Planet Film Collaboration
Dreaming Wide Awake Book Cover For David Jay Brown

Publications, Collaborations and Designs

2022 “Editorial Art” Philosophy Now Magazine, Issue 149, UK
2022 “Book Cover Art” Mehdi Libera, USA
2022 “Album Artwork” Virtual Symmetry, Europe
2022 “Introspection” Private Commission
2022 “Prometheus Unbound” Book Cover Art, Dan Corjescu
2021 “In The Knowledge of Time” Album Artwork, Lee McKinney, USA
2021 “Private Commission”, Mother Aya, Mehdi Libera, USA
2021 “Private Commission”, Connected To Source, Mehdi Libera, USA
2021 “Album Artwork The Oracle”, The Wormhole Experience, Italy
2020 “Mind of Light”, Book Cover Art, Sebastien Socchard, France
2020 “Album Artwork”, Ben Zen, USA
2020 “Album Artwork”, Cameron Losch, USA
2020 “Book Cover Art”, Charles J. Jones, USA
2020 “Dreams of Love”, Gregg Thompson, Brisbane, Australia
2020 “Album Artwork”, Within The Ruins, eOne Entertainment, USA
2020 “Entity of Maker”, Album Artwork, United Kingdom
2020 “A Boy and a Plant; A Sacred Relationship”, Book Cover Artwork, Mehdi Libera, Las Vegas, USA
2020 “Gemini Syndrome” Album Artwork, USA
2020 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 139, United Kingdom
2019 “New Dawn Magazine” Cover Art & Editorial Illustrations, Special Edition Vol.13, no.6
2019 “Federation of Australian Astrologers Journal” Editorial Art, Australia
2019 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 136, United Kingdom
2019 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 135, United Kingdom
2019 “Sufi Journal” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 97, USA
2019 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 132, United Kingdom
2019 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Cover Art, Issue 120, United Kingdom
2019 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 129, United Kingdom
2018 Ultimate Guide To Stargazing”, Book Illustration, Gregg Thompson
2018 “Trilogy” Within The Ruins, Album Art, eOne Entertainment, USA
2018 “The Witness” Meytal Cohen, Album Art, USA
2018 “The Second” EP Artwork, USA
2018 “World Undone & Resurgence” Singles Cover Art, Within The Ruins, USA
2018 “Philosophy Now Magazine” Editorial Illustrations, Issue 127, United Kingdom
2018 “Moon Year Calendar” Illustrations, Publication, Time Waves, Worldwide
2018 “Merchandise Design” COPIA, Band, Melbourne, Australia
2017 “Epoch” COPIA, Album Art, Melbourne Australia
2017 “The Mystical Experience” Jason Silva, Omid Pakbin, Video Artwork, USA
2017 “Chaos Theory” Baltimore Poet, Album Art, Adelaide Australia
2017 “Ted Hallows (Former American Head Charge Guitarist)”, Personal Merchandise Art, USA
2017 “COMA” Modern Day Babylon, Album Art, Czech Republic
2017 “Forest Package” Wintersun, Artwork, Nuclear Blast Records, Finland
2017 “Curse Of The Mummy” Eric Schmidt, Album Art, Canada
2016 “New Dawn Magazine” Issue 159, Editorial Art, Australia
2016 “Dreaming Wide Awake” David Jay Brown, Book Cover Art, USA
2016 “Alchemy LIVE” Meytal Cohen, Album Art, Outerloop Music, USA
2016 “Alchemy” Meytal Cohen, Album Art, Outerloop Music, USA
2016 “Paper Planes & Promises” Baltimore Poet, Album Art, Australia
2016 “Memento Mori” Gemini Syndrome, Album Art, Sony Music, USA
2015 “Awakenings Magazine” Oct – Nov, Cover Artwork
2015 “Awakenings Magazine” Aug – Sept, Cover Artwork
2015 “Reason Is”  – Roar Mikalsen, Book Cover Artwork, Norway
2015 “New Dawn Magazine” Special Edition Issue, Featured Editorial Artworks
2015 “Transcension” Album Artwork, Breaking Orbit, Australia
2015 “Ocean Atlas” Album Artwork, Modern Day Babylon, Czech Republic
2015 “Infinity” Single Artwork, Gemini Syndrom, Warner Bros Records, USA
2015 “Revolve Magazine” Summer Evolve Issue, Cover Art & Featured Interview
2015 “Sage Magazine Issue 8”, Cover Artwork & Feature Article
2015 “We Are Virtual” Album Cover Artwork, Xilent, AudioPorn Records UK
2015 “Chemical” ft Five Knives, Single Artwork, Xilent, AudioPorn Records UK
2015 “The Place” ft Sue Gerger, Single Artwork, Xilent, AudioPorn Records UK
2014 “Falling Apart” ft. Grimm, Single Artwork, Xilent, AudioPorn Records, UK
2014 “Phenomena” Album Artwork, Within The Ruins, Good Fight Entertainment, USA
September 2013 “LUX” Album Artwork, Singles, Merch, Collector Cards, Promo Artwork – Gemini Syndrome, Warner Bros. USA
August 2013 “Blunt Magazine” Issue 122
August 2013 “Lodestar” Single Artwork – Dead Letter Circus, UNFD Records Australia
August 2013 “The Catalyst Fire” Album Artwork & Merchandise – Dead Letter Circus, UNFD Records Australia
August 2013 “Tomorrow We Die Alive” Album Artwork – Born Of Osiris, Sumerian Records USA
February 2013 Hyper Learning, Book Cover Art, David W. Rainoshek M.A. (Author)
February 2013 Promo Artwork “Dead Letter Circus”
February 2013 Promo Artwork “Gemini Syndrome”, Warner Records USA
January 2013 Merchandise Artwork, Within The Ruins, Good Fight Entertainment
December 2012 “Elite” Album Artwork , Within The Ruins, Good Fight Entertainment
November 2012 Merchandise Artwork – Wintersun, Nuclear Blast Records
October 2012 “Time 1” Album Artwork – Wintersun, Nuclear Blast Records
September 2012 “Metal Hammer Magazine”
September 2012 “Blunt Magazine”
September 2012 “Evolicity” Roger Subirana (Composer)
July 2012  “The Looking Planet” Animated Short Film
July 2012 “Visionary Artists” Book Publication & Feature
June 2012 “Wake Up” Dead Letter Circus
April 2012 “Tattoo Collaboration” Grant McFarland, Century
March 2012 “Go Fish” Art Publication & Feature
February 2012 “Separation Comes Together” Thematic
January 2012 “Follow The Signs” Born of Osiris music video
January 2012 “The Thin Line of Life” Avenue 6 Left
January 2012 “Alpha Centauri” Self Titled Album
December 2011 “Ocean of Color” Ascariasis
October 2011 “Mind’s I” Self Titled Album
September 2011 “Kultur Magazine”
August 2011 “Voice of the Architect” Paradigm Shift
June 2011 “Red Giant” Century
May 2011 “Merchandise Artwork” Dead Letter Circus
April 2011 “Metal Hammer Magazine”
March 2011 “Outburn Magazine”
February 2011 “Follow The Signs” Born of Osiris
January 2011 “The Discovery” Born of Osiris
January 2011 “Forever Eve” Logo Design
November 2010 “Psychic Connection” Mantris
September 2010 “The Sow’s Ear” Poetry Review Journal Vol.xx No.3
July 2010 “Open Heart Surgery” Fervor
May 2010 “This Is The Warning” Dead Letter Circus
May 2010 “This Is The Warning” Vinyl Edition Dead Letter Circus
May 2010 “Limited Edition T-shirt & Merchandise” Dead Letter Circus
May 2010 “jMag” Issue 39
April 2010 “Dark Page Chronicles” Ginger
March 2010 “Arctic” Logo Design
January 2010 “Artifacts in Motion” Circle of Contempt
January 2010 “X-Torsion” Benos
October 2009 “Kismet Magazine” Issue 4
September 2009 “The Space On The Wall” Dead Letter Circus
July 2009 “A Raw Hummingbird” Jasper Faolan
July 2009 “Deathbook” nEgoist new art publications
June 2009 “Inside Artzine” Issue 13
May 2009 “Visions Magazine”
February 2009 “NewWebPick” Issue 20
October 2008 “We Are The Image Makers” Issue 17
October 2008 “Logical Unsanity” Issue 3
October 2008 “Structure | a study of patterns, structure and formation”
July 2008 “Noise – Global Art Network” July newsletter
June 2008 “Phirebrush” Issue 62
Feb 2008 “DeskTop Magazine” Issue 235
Jan 2008 “GUD Magazine” Issue 2
Nov 2007 “Photoshop Creative Magazine” Issue 29
Oct 2007 “Ripples Magazine” Issue 10
Sept 2007 “Throw Shapes Magazine” Issue 9
Sept 2007 “Forbidden Whispers Magazine” Issue 4
July 2007 “WOMAG Magazine” Issue 7
May 2007 “GUD Magazine” Issue 1
May 2007 “Alternate Macro”
March 2007 “Dark Discoveries” Issue 9
March 2007 “Through The Eyes Of A Stranger” Caleb L. Mabry
February 2007 “PurpleVerse” Volume 1
February 2007 “Parable Visions – The Artistic Methods”
January 2007 “Parable Visions Magazine” Issue 4
November 2006 “Phirebrush” Issue 43
October 2006 “Phirebrush” Issue 42
July 2006 “Emerging Visions”
July 2006 “PhireBrush” Issue 39
June 2006 “PhireBrush” Issue 38
May 2006 “Cthulhu Sex” Issue 24 Volume 2
April 2006 “We Are The Image Makers” Issue 2
2006 “PhireBrush” Issue 36
2006 “PhireBrush” Issue 35
March 2006 “Parable Visions Magazine” Issue 2
2006 “PhireBrush” Issue 34
March 2006 “Sub Rosa” Issue 4
January 2006 “Parable Visions Magazine” Issue 1
2006 “PhireBrush” Issue 33
January 2006 “Splintered”
December 2005 “The Blue Patient”
November 2005 “Parable Visions: The Art Of Cameron Gray”
2005 “PhireBrush” Issue 32
2005 “PhireBrush” Issue 31
2005 “PhireBrush” Issue 30
2005 “PhireBrush” Issue 29
August 2005 “Splintered”
2003 “About Face” Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery

The HiFi Bar (now Max Watts) Melbourne, Australia